“This Japanese fighter plane makes up for its lack of armor with good firepower and extraordinary speed. It suppresses enemy buildings, causing them to fire and spawn defenders much slower.”

The Zero can be obtained from a voyage to Kure. The voyage requires a level 8 Shipyard, 4 citizens and 2 days. 

Historical Description Edit

The Mitsubishi A6M 'Zero' dominated the skies of World War II´s Pacific Theater from 1940-1943. Its exceptional range and maneuverability made it a peerless dogfighter and the first carrier-launched plane that could match land-based fighters, despite its lack of armor. The turning point came when US forces captured a downed Zero in the Aleutian Islands in July 1942. Analysis and test flights revealed exploitable design flaws that soon rendered the model obsolete. By the end of the war, the Zero was being used mostly for kamikaze missions.