Level 16 Walls with two level 16 Gates

"Walls are a great way to keep enemies out."

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

  • Walls act as a shield that will protect your buildings from invading enemy troops, especially melee units. They are also the most expensive buildings to max out, considering that you are upgrading all the Wall units and not just one. Thus, the level of the player's wall may also be a factor in determining how active a player may be.
  • Gates can be placed between Walls to allow Roads and defenders to pass through your Walls, but are often a weak spot. In general, you should aim to upgrade your Gates to a higher level as they have less hitpoints than Walls at the same level.
  • You can start using Gold or Food to upgrade Walls at level 9 instead of just Gold prior.
  • Don't just encircle your whole base in Walls or your enemy will only need to go through one layer of Walls to get at everything. Instead, only protect what is most valuable(along with defensive buildings) and have multiple layers of Walls.

Statistics Edit

Age Number available
Stone Age30
Bronze Age50
Iron Age65
Classical Age80
Medieval Age90 + 15*
Gunpowder Age100 + 15*
Enlightenment Age 110 + 15*
Industrial Age120 + 15*
Global Age130 + 15*
Atomic Age140 + 15*
Cold War Age140 + 15*

*Ramparts chapters 1, 3 and 5 each unlock an additional 5 Walls. It is available to research at a level 2 Library which is available in the Medieval Age onwards.

Level Build Cost Gold icon Build Cost Food Build Time Clock HP Health icon Age unlocked
1200NA0s600 Bronze Age
35,000NA2,400Iron Age
410,000NA4,800Classical Age
690,000NA8,800Medieval Age
8500,000NA15,120Gunpowder Age
91,000,0001,000,000 16,920
103,000,0003,000,00018,720Enlightenment Age
125,000,0005,000,00022,320Industrial Age
147,000,0007,000,00025,945Global Age
158,000,0008,000,00031,818Atomic Age
169,000,0009,000,00036,591Cold War Age

Trivia Edit

  • Version 3.0.150 made 5 additional Walls available in the Iron Age and in the Classical Age, for a total of 10 extra Walls after this point.
  • Version 5.1 introduced a feature that allowed players to upgrade certain levels of Walls and Gates from level 9 and above by using Food or Gold.

 Boosts Edit

  • After researching Ramparts in the Library available at level 2. Ramparts chapter 2 will increase Wall health by 10%.
Walls for food