"Armed with a rocket launcher and nerves of steel, this unit specializes in destroying tanks"

General information Edit

Deals 7x damage against tanks, buildings and walls.

Favourite targets are tanks.

Range of 3.

Training time is 5m 30s.

Historic Description Edit

"When WW 2 broke out, American anti-tank weaponry lagged behind advances in German armor. The success of Third Reich tank divisions in the invasion of France convinced the US general staff that their hardware needed an upgrade. Thus, the M1 Bazooka was born. The rocket launcher required two men to operate, a loader and a firer. Though it may not seem like a fineness weapon, the Bazooka had to be precisely aimed at a weak point on an enemy tank in order to be effective. Its simple design kept it in US service through the Korean War and the early stages of the Vietnam War".