“Conceals your hard-won resources from invading armies!”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • The Vault allows you to store Food, Gold, or Oil to hide from enemies.
  • You can only store one resource in the vault at a time.
  • You have to wait one day to withdraw the resources that you put into the Vault(Unless you pay an early withdraw fee in Crowns).
  • The resource in the Vault is 100% safe from enemies and can't be looted under any circumstances.
  • You can't store any Oil in the Vault without researching Savings chapter 3 at the Library.

Statistics Edit

Statistic Modifiers

The Savings research at the Library confers these bonuses to Vault:

  • Chapter 1: Vault generates 5% interest after 24 hours.
  • Chapter 2: Increases Vault capacity by 100,000.
  • Chapter 3: Vault can store 6,000 Oil icon.
  • Chapter 4: Increases Vault capacity by 100,000.
  • Chapter 5: Increases Vault Oil icon capacity by 2,000.

Emperor Moctezuma at the University confers these bonus:

  • Vault Capacity: Increases Food, Gold, and Oil storage capacity in the Vault by 5%(10 levels).

The Eiffel Tower wonder also adds 200,000 Food and Gold icon storage to the Vault.

Level Build Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Required Citizen XP Gain Exp Hitpoints Health icon Base Food And Gold icon Storage Age Unlocked
1 400,000 1d 41,115 4,800 200,000 Gunpowder Age
2 800,000 2d 1,630 6,400 300,000
3 1,600,000 3d 2,040 7,000 400,000 Enlightenment Age
4 2,500,000 5d 2,700 7,600 500,000 Industrial Age
5 4,000,000 7d 3,245 8,360 600,000 Global Age
6 5,750,000 9d 6 4,655 10,035 700,000 Atomic Age

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