Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 250 Health icon
Damage per second 60 Damage
Damage vs Infantry 15 Damage
Damage Multiplier 25% Damage
Range Melee Range
Attack Radius 1
Favourite Target Any FavTarget
Training Cost 60 Food
Training Time 35 seconds Clock
General Information
Troop Space 1 TroopSpace
Troop Type Assault Infantry
Nation Germans
Strength Strength Buildings and Cavalry
Weakness Weakness Enemy Infantry
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked Iron Age
Upgrade Cost 40,000 Food
Upgrade Time 4 hours Clock
Experience Gain 195 Exp
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
Soldier Heavy Vandal

The Vandal is the level 4 German unique Assault Infantry unit unlocked in the Iron Age. Its predecessor is the Soldier. It can be upgraded to become a Heavy Vandal. It's researched in a level 3 blacksmith. It replaces the hoplite.

General InformationEdit

  • Vandals can damage buildings very easy and quickly. They are also good against cavalry.
  • Vandals would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • Vandals can get destroyed easily by Splash Damage Structures such as catapults.
  • Vandals are weak against other infantry.
  • As a German unique unit, Vandals has 20% more damage than standard hoplites.

Historical Description Edit

"The Vandals were a tribe of tough Germanic warriors originally from Eastern Europe. Driven west into Germany by the Huns, they spent several centuries allying and fighting with the Romans and various other tribes in the neighborhood, eventually building a substantial kingdom on the coast of North Africa. In 455 CE they sacked Rome (which probably had it coming to them)."


The vandal is equipped with a horned raider helmet, bronze breastplate, iron shield, and steel axe. He wears a white tunic and pants, a brown belt and leather boots.

Attacking StrategiesEdit

  • If used in large groups; Vandals can be devastating and can destroy a base easily; if not in heavy fire.
  • Catapults are devastating against vandals and can kill a group of them in a few hits if in the range of the impact. Spread your vandals around so the catapult would have to hit each hoplite to kill it and that its impact would not affect other vandals as well or deploy a few heavy cavalry to destroy it.
  • Use ranged infantry such as composite bowmen to support vandals.
  • Vandals can be used as a distraction for many defenses and can help protect ranged infantry such as composite bowmen from heavy fire from defenses.

Defensive Strategies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A common misconception is that vandals do not wear horned helmets.
  • The term "vandalism" was from the use of the Germanic tribe 'Vandals' since the Vandals sacked and looted Rome and that vandalism means senseless destruction.

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