Stop this. [Rule of Editing] CREATED

Recently, I edited the Strategies page. But I found something. There were grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitilization, overused contractions, overused capitals, overused commas, and overused "and"s. I might have not covered all of them, but if you know your grammar/capitalization/punctuation is bad or you like to overuse a certain word, do NOT edit any pages because that will just make it harder for other people. I took like 15 minutes editing and deleting words, apostrophes, commas, so just stop if you're bad at any of those and start editing when you're actually good. And also, I'm just 8. I can't do much. So can you help me by following this rule that I made? Good.

Because the Strategies page is not classified as an 'official' page, it is not prioritised as much as, let's say the Ranged Infantry page. Also, thanks for cleaning up the page!
Jerome5139 | (Talk) | Contribs | 06:03 4-7-2015
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