“Shoots at anybody who attacks the town!”


General informationEdit

  • Towers are defensive buildings that will shoot at enemies in its range.
  • Towers are the first defensive buildings unlocked in DomiNations. They're unlocked in the Dawn Age.

Defensive strategies Edit

  1. Place Towers near Mortars so they both can defend each other(Mortars have very long range and the Tower will shoot any enemies that get to close to the Mortar)
  2. The Tower can also be placed near a Ballista/Cannon Tower as the Tower has longer range able to shoot from afar while the Ballista/Cannon Tower should take care of any Heavy Cavalry that come too close to the Tower.


Age Number Available
Dawn Age1
Stone Age2
Bronze Age 3
Iron Age
Classical Age 3(*5)
Medieval Age
Gunpowder Age 4(*6)
Enlightenment Age
Industrial Age 5(*7)
Global Age 6(*8)
Atomic Age

*The Watch Towers Chapters 1 & 4 Research increases the number of Towers available by 1 each Chapter.

Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens

Needed Citizen

Upgrade Time Clock Damage/sec. Damage Range Range XP Gain Exp HP Health icon Age Unlocked
1 300 3 15m 40s 40 7 80 1,000 Stone Age
2 1,500 30m 52 115 1,050 Bronze Age
3 3,000 1h 84 170 1,150
4 18,000 4h 100 355 1,493 Iron Age
5 120,000 1d 130 950 1,500 Classical Age
6 400,000 2d 150 1,395 1,750 Medieval Age
7 700,000 3d 200 1,740 2,190 Gunpowder Age
8 2,750,000 4d 230 2,385 2,310 Enlightenment Age
9 4,250,000 7d 245 2,770 2,370 Industrial Age
10 6,000,000 4 8d 273 3,495 2,595 Global Age
11 8,000,000 9d 355 3,725 3,381 Atomic Age

Boosts Edit

The Watch Towers Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses:

  • Chapter 2: Increases Tower health by 10%.
  • Chapter 3: Increases Tower attack by 10%.
  • Chapter 5: Increases Tower attack by 10%.

The Radar Technology at the Library confers the following bonus:

  • Chapter 1: Increases Tower attack by 15% if the Tower is connected to the City Center by a Road.

Research King Sejong at the University for increased Tower damage (up to 30%), decreased upgrade costs, (up to 10%) and increased hitpoints (up to 30%).

Trivia Edit

  • British unique ranged infantry can fire outside the Tower's range; making them one of DomiNations' strongest units.

See also Edit


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