"Allows you to summon the Terra Cotta Army once a day. Increases the health of nearby Castles and Barracks."


Once a day you can summon an army of 20 units — 10 archers and 10 soldiers — of your current Blacksmith level.

Health of the nearby Barracks and Castle are increased by 20%.

General InformationEdit

  • The 10 archers and soldiers produced by the wonder will produce the unique nation version of said troops. So if your nation is Roman it will produce Roman unique soldiers, or if you're British it will produce British unique archers.
  • When paired with the Chapter 3 technology of Citadels from the Library and this wonder it will increase the health of your Castle by 30%.
Age HP Health icon
Classical Age ?
Medieval Age ?
Gunpowder Age3,550
Industrial Age ?
Global Age ?
Atomic Age ?

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