Health 302 Health icon
Damage per second 29
Damage vs Infantry 116
Range 3
Strength Eliminating enemy troops
Weakness Defensive buildings, cavalry
Favorite Targets Enemy troops
Required Goods 5 Metal
5 Fur
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level 7
Army Size 6
Troop Type Mercenary Missile Infantry

The Tercio is a Mercenary Missile Infantry available at Mercenary Camp level 7. The previous mercenary of this type is the Chinese Hand Cannon.

Description Edit

"A Tercio was a Spanish military unit first appearing in the 16th century. Consisting of arquebusiers (later musketeers) supported by lancers and swordsmen, this combined-arms unit had ranged as well as anti-cavalry and anti-personnel capabilities. In order to work together effectively and to carry out all of the intricate maneuvres required to coordinate the different weapons-types, the soldiers in the tercio had to be very highly-trained indeed. By the 17th century, the entire Spanish army (at least the infantry portion) was organized into tercio units."

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