North European Temple Level 4

“Here you can pray for blessings that will give bonuses to your economy, your defenses, and your attacks!”

Levels Edit

Temple design depends on your nation type

General InformationEdit


Level Build Cost Food Citizens

Needed Citizen

Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Hitpoints Health icon Unlocks Blessings Age Unlocked
1 20,000 4 2h 285 660 Gathering, Armor, Fortification Iron Age
2 200,000 8h 610 720 Weapon, Tower, Animal Classical Age
3 620,000 1d 1,115 780 Loot Medieval Age
4 1,500,000 2d 1,630 1,010 Storage Gunpowder Age
5 3,500,000 4d 2,385 1,080 Training Enlightenment Age
6 4,500,000 8d 3,495 1,150 Air Defense, Oil Industrial Age
7 6,000,000 10d 3,950 1,270 Air Superiority Global Age


Main article: Blessings

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