The Library is where technologies get researched at.

General Information Edit

Technologies are researched at the Library, which becomes available in the Classical Age. Each Technology has 5 Chapters which are researched separately and cost increasing amounts. Researching a Technology requires either Gold, Food, or Oil, depending on the Technology. Some Technologies require earlier research to be completed to at least Chapter 1 before it can be started.

List of Technologies Edit

Technology Tree
Tech/LibraryLevel Age Available Tech
1 Classical Age Pottery Roadways Reinforcements Free Companies
Exploration Watch Towers Machinery Cast Iron
2 Medieval Age Crop Rotation Commerce Ramparts Chivalry
3 Zeal Fortification Battle Tactics Ballistics
4 Gunpowder Age Hounds Partisans Engineering Banners
5 Enlightenment Age Banking Citadels Standing Army Leadership
6 Industrial Age Drilling Savings Nationalism Heavy Weaponry
7 Internationalism Negotiations Air Defense Aviation
8 Global Age Heritage Resistance Command Warfare
9 Shipping Spoils of War Deception High Explosives
10 Atomic Age Computing Radar Monuments Elite Paratroopers
11 War Reparations Sentries Mobile Forces Rotorcraft

Boosts Edit

Catherine the Great at the University confers the following bonuses:

  • Level 5 - Economic Library Tech Cost: -2% Resource cost of Economic Technologies (10 levels).

King Sejong at the University confers the following bonuses:

  • Level 5 - Army Library Tech Cost: -2% Resource cost of Army Technologies (10 levels).

Sultan Saladin at the University confers the following bonuses:

  • Level 5 - Defensive Library Tech Cost: -2% Resource cost of Defensive Technologies (10 levels).

The Classical Age Wonder Notre Dame reduces the cost of Library technologies by 10%

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