The Library is where technologies get researched at.

Technologies are researched at the Library, which becomes available in the Classical Age. Each Technology has 5 Chapters which are researched separately and cost increasing amounts. Researching a technology requires either Gold or Food, depending on the Technology. Some Technologies require earlier research to be completed to at least Chapter 1 before it can be started.

List of Technologies Edit

Technology tree
Tech/Library lvl Age Available Tech
1 Classical Age Pottery Roadways Reinforcements Free Companies
Exploration Watch Towers Machinery Cast Iron
2 Medieval Age Crop Rotation Commerce Ramparts Chivalry
3 Zeal Fortification Battle Tactics Ballistics
4 Gunpowder Age Hounds Partisans Engineering Banners
5 Enlightenment Age Banking Citadels Standing Army Leadership
6 Industrial Age Drilling Savings Nationalism Heavy Weaponry
7 Internationalism Negotiations Air Defense Aviation
8 Global Age Heritage Resistance Command Warfare
9 Shipping Spoils of War Deception High Explosives
10 Atomic Age Computing Radar Monuments Elite Paratroopers

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