Tactical Helicopter Mk.1

Tactical Helicopter

Tactical Helicopter lets you deploy troops in area you normally can't. They will fly to the tapped location and allow you to deploy up to 15 troop space worth of troops.

General information Edit

Heals troops and allows troop deployment inside enemy defenses

Weakness vs. Air defense, S.A.M, Tower, Sniper Tower, and Anti-Tank Gun.

Range of 5.

Training time is 13m.

Takes 12 troop space.

This healer is NOT boosted by the Cherokee coalition for healing carts. However, as a factory troop its healing is boosted by the Americans coalition.

How to use it Edit

You deploy it on the battle field as with other troops

Then you select a rely point

You can then deploy troops by selecting any other type and tapping in the circle around the Helicopter, until it's dead or you did deploy 15 troops spaces.

Statistics Edit

Tactical Helicopter unit statistics
Name Age HP  Heal Per Second Range Cost (oil) Upgrade Cost  Upgrade Time  XP Gain 
Tactical Helicopter Atomic Age 2,831 70 5 450 - - -
Heavy Tactical Helicopter Cold War Age 3,192 80 495 200.000 14d 2,220

Gallery Edit