Heavy Supply Truck

The Heavy Supply Truck is currently the highest level of Supply Vehicles available in the game.

Supply Vehicles is one of two sixth type of troops players can use in the game DomiNations; the other being Ranged Siege. They're used for healing troops near its range. However, they can not attack and are defenseless. They're unlocked in the Medieval Age.

General InformationEdit

Supply Cart

The Supply Cart is the first level of Supply Vehicles available to the player. They're unlocked in the Medieval Age.

The standard Supply Vehicles' A.I. is to heal the closest troop that has damaged health by throwing supplies at it. These supplies can also heal troops that are close to the target troop that is supplied to. They would continually heal the troop until it has full of health. If all the troops have full health, the Supply Vehicle would remain stationary unless a troop gets damaged. Supply Vehicles cannot attack and therefore are defenseless.

Supply Vehicles take up 8 spaces in the Barracks and take 15 minutes to train up. They have a range of 5.

Historical Description Edit

The original concept for the supply wagon was based off of a similar model dating back for the early Byzantine wars in which horse drawn carts containing medical supplies would assist foot soldiers.


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Name Age HP Health icon Heal per second Cost Food icon Upgrade Cost Food icon Upgrade Time Experience Gain
Supply Cart Medieval Age 240 20 2,000 800,000 1d 520
Supply Wagon Gunpowder Age 360 25 4,000 2,880,000 2d 760
Supply Train Enlightenment Age430 305,5005,800,000 4d1,115
Supply Truck Industrial Age 550 35 7,000 7,000,000 8d 1,630
Heavy Supply Truck Global Age 737 68 8,500 8,750,000 10d 1,845
Supply Convoy Atomic Age 781 72 9,500 10,250,000 12d 2,040
Heavy Supply Convoy Cold War Age 72 11,200 15,100,000 13d 2,130

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Since Supply Vehicles cannot attack and are defenseless, use Ranged Infantry or Heavy Infantry to defend them and cover them from enemies and defenses.
  • Supply Vehicles only heal the closest damaged troop. If you want them to heal a troop that is badly damaged and distances away, try to recall your troops to a safe spot so your supply vehicles can heal it.

Trivia Edit

  • The A.I. of Supply Vehicles are usually one of the strangest. In some moments on the battlefield, supply vehicles would run into open fields to get shot at and stay there for 0.3 seconds but would later retreat to start healing troops. This has not been patched by Big Huge Games.
  • Supply Vehicles and Wall Breachers are the only troop trained in the barracks that cannot be donated to other players.