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“Strong defensive building. Stores Troop Tactics to use on offense. During World War, deploys donated Troops Tactics on defense.”

Levels Edit

Description Edit

  • The Stronghold is a strong defensive building that does splash damage against enemy troops.
  • Although it has 2 less range than the Catapult/Mortar, the Stronghold does more damage, has a lot more health, and costs a lot less.
  • The Stronghold stores Troop Tactics that you can use on offense.
  • During World War, Troop Tactics donated to it can be used on defense against enemy troops.
  • Unlike other defensive buildings, the Stronghold will spawn troop tactic armies donated for World War defense when it is destroyed, even if it was disabled before the troops emerged.

Visuals Edit

Level 1: A Vandal stays on the balcony of the Stronghold. He throws explosive projectiles.

Level 2: A Chinese Hand Cannon replaces the Vandal on the balcony of the Stronghold. Also gains an Iron roof and a higher balcony.

Level 3: A Guard Mortar replaces the Chinese Hand Cannon on the balcony of the Stronghold along with a golden roof and a more fortified balcony.

Level 4: A Field Mortar replaces the Guard Mortar on the balcony of the Stronghold.

Level 5: A Heavy Field Mortar replaces the Field Mortar on the balcony of the Stronghold.

Defensive strategies Edit

Place it near your TC behind walls.

Statistics Edit

Level Build Cost Food Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade

Time Clock

Damage Per Second Damage Range Range Troop Tactic Capacity Donated Troop Tactic Capacity HP Health icon XP Exp Age Unlocked
1 500 1 5m 45 8 1 1 1,500 - Bronze Age
2 500,000 4 12h 70 2 2,500 760 Classical Age
3 1,000,000 1d 105 3 2 5,000 1,115 Gunpowder Age
4 2,500,000 3d 130 4 3 6,000 2,040 Industrial Age
5 4,000,000 7d 160 4 9,000 3,245 Atomic Age

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