Soviet forces plundered the Soviet occupation zone of Germany in the aftermath of World War II, securing valuable infrastructure, whole factories, and industrial equipment for the Soviet Union.

Spoils of War is a Level 9 Technology unlocked in the global age which increases the victory chest resource rewards and decreases the victory chest cooldown.

 General Information Edit

Chapter Requirements Cost Oil Time XP Gain Description
1 Library Level 9

+ Heritage

22,500 8h 1,010 +10% Victory Chest resource rewards
2 45,000 3d 3,370 Reduces Victory Chest cooldown by 2h
3 67,500 6d 4,935 +1 Victory Chest trade good rewards
4 90,000 8d 5,780 Reduces Victory Chest cooldown by 2h
5 135,000 12d 7,225 Reduces Victory Chest star requirement by 3

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