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“Targets the furthest enemy within its long range. Can't attack aircraft or nearby troops.”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

Unlike every other defensive building, the Sniper Tower shoots the target farthest away within it's range. Its targets are random, but especially powerful at Howitzer and Supply Truck.

The Sniper Tower cannot shoot the nearby ground invaders, thus it should be protected by surrounding walls, Anti-tank Gun and Mortar.


Age Number Available
Industrial Age 1
Global Age 2
Atomic Age 3
Level Age


Build Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen Damage Per Second Damage Range Range XP Gain Exp HP Health icon
1 Industrial Age 3,000,000 3d 4 90 14 2,040 2,300
2 4,000,000 5d 96 2,700 2,400
3 Global Age 6,000,000 7d 103 3,245 2,600
4 8,000,000 9d 109 3,725 2,800
5 Atomic Age 9,500,000 10d 143 3,950 3,650

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