Siege Elephant

General Information Edit

These elephant-mounted cannons deal good damage to buildings from a safe distance. They're more durable than regular siege, though still vulnerable to enemy troops.

It is an event troop.

Historical Edit

Elephants Acted as a kind of heavy tank for the ancient world. During the late 16th century culverin (light cannon) and jingals (swivel-mouted guns) were mounted on elephants as militaries sought to adapt the elephant to use during the gunpowder age. Unfortunately this same technology would inevitably drive elephants from the battlefield by the 19 th century, resticting them to engineeringroles.

Statistics Edit

Siege Elephant statistics
Level Age HP DPS Range Strength Weakness Cost Troop type
1 Big Loot! event 3,432 116 5 Destroying buildings Doesn't attack troops 1 Diamond, 2 Fur Mercenary
2 4,224 142 1 Diamond, 3 Fur 1 Diamond, 3 Fur
3 5,568 195 1 Diamond, 4 Fur 1 Diamond, 4 Fur
4 6,048 232 1 Diamond, 5 Fur 1 Diamond, 5 Fur
5 6,528 270 1 Diamond, 5 Fur 1 Diamond, 5 Fur

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