“Each building you connect to your Town Center generates extra gold!”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

  • Roads generate Gold. Each building that is joined to the Town Center by Roads gives 10% extra Gold, the Building Bonus.
  • Gold is stored in Roads until collected. The maximum that can be stored depends on the storage capacity of the Roads. When the Gold reaches a certain threshold of the capacity, a tax collector will appear on the Road with a Gold icon above his head.
  • Upgrading your Roads will increase both the Gold produced and the storage capacity.
  • You can place a Gate on a Road to connect Walls on either side.
  • You can place traps on Roads.
  • Selecting a Road will highlight buildings connected to the Town Center by Roads in a green glow.
  • Caravans move along Roads and will drop any Gold on the Roads they have collected when an attack starts.
  • Roads also provide a health bonus to the Town Center depending on the amount of buildings connected to the Road.
  • During an attack, the Gold generated by the Roads is stored in the Town Center.

Calculating Road IncomeEdit

Road income is calculated as (number of roads) x (base income per road) x (100% + building bonus), and is then rounded down to the closest multiple of 40. Note that this counts the number of Roads, not the number of Roads connected to the Town Center. Connecting Roads to the Town Center is only required for the building bonus.


Age Number available
Bronze Age 30
Iron Age 40
Classical Age 50 + 10
Medieval Age 60 + 10
Gunpowder Age 70 + 10
Enlightenment Age 80 + 10
Industrial Age 90 + 10
Global Age 100 + 10
Atomic Age 110 + 10
Level Age Unlocked Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock XP Reward Exp Citizens Citizen Base Income per Road Gold icon Base Storage per Road Gold icon Bonus Health per Building Health icon
1 Bronze Age 10 -N/A 2 6 3040
2 Iron Age 3,000 30m 355 7 4550
3 Classical Age 80,000 12h 470 8 9070
4 Medieval Age 320,000 20h 470 10 18080
5 Gunpowder Age 640,000 2d 760 12 27090
6 Enlightenment Age 1,600,000 4d 1,115 14 396100
7 Industrial Age 2,500,000 5d 1,260 16495120
8 Global Age 4,000,000 6d 27 4 18 ? ?
9 Atomic Age 6,400,000 7d 28 ? 990 ?

Boosts Edit

The Roadways Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses to your Roads:

  • Chapter 1: Increases Road limit by 5.
  • Chapter 2: Increases Road income by 10%.
  • Chapter 3: Increases Road limit by 5.
  • Chapter 4: Increases Road health bonus to Town Center by 20%.
  • Chapter 5: Increases Road income by 10%.

The Stonehenge wonder increases your Road network bonus by 100%.


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