Field Howitzer

Field Howitzer is currently the highest level of Ranged Siege available in the game.

Ranged Siege is one of two sixth types of troops players can use in the game DomiNations; the other being Supply Vehicles. They're excellent against buildings as a ranged unit, doing more damage than any other troops in the game. However, they are weak against enemy troops due to the fact they are unable to defend themselves. Ranged Siege units are unlocked in the Medieval Age.

General Information Edit


The Ballista is the first level of standard Ranged Siege available to the player. They're unlocked in the Medieval Age.

The Ranged Siege's default A.I. or purpose is to destroy the closest building (excluding walls). These ranged units do the highest damage of all troops against buildings, making them the nightmare of bases. However, they have disadvantages just like any troop in DomiNations. One thing is that Ranged Siege units are weak against enemy troops since Ranged Siege units only target buildings. Another disadvantage is that Ranged Siege units' range is less than ranged defensive buildings, such as the Tower and the Mortar, making them unable to destroy the buildings before they fall. Ranged Siege units also reload slowly so they can be taken out by ranged defensive buildings easily.

There are no unique unit versions of Ranged Siege yet.

Ranged Siege takes up 10 spaces in a Barracks. They are trained in 16 minutes. They have a range of 5. But they have low durability.

Statistics Edit

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Name Age HP
Health icon
Damage per


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Upgrade Cost
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Ballista Medieval Age 280 264 5,000 800,000 1 day 520
Bombard Gunpowder Age 445 352 8,000 3,200,000 2 days 760
Cannon Enlightenment Age 540 405 11,000 5,800,000 4 days 1,115
Artillery Industrial Age 630 489 13,500 7,000,000 8 days 1,630
Howitzer Global Age 725 661 16,000 8,750,000 10 days 1,845
Field Howitzer Atomic Age 919 902 18,500 10,250,000 12 days 2,040
Heavy Artillery Cold War Age 974 956 21,830 15,100,000 13 days 2,130

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Since Ranged Siege troops are defenseless against enemy troops, use troops such as Ranged Infantry to defend them.
  • Use Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry to help cover the Ranged Siege troops from defensive buildings.

NOTE: When they are fighting on offense they have no splash damage effect and only do less than 50% damage to defenders. Is not advisable to rally on defenders when you have only these troops left Edit

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • Ranged Siege are efficient alliance troops that can help defend Town and City Centers. Their high damage can take out a General and other strong units such as Heavy Cavalry. Ranged Siege can also take a large amount of infantry if they are clumped together. Ranged Siege can also fire over walls against enemy troops, without being attacked by melee units such as Heavy Infantry. This makes Ranged Siege the number one donated war troop for defense.
  • Ob the defense, use the Angkor Wat Wonder to heal them as they attack enemy troops. That way, they can last longer as they are being attacked.