Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 355 Health icon
Damage per second 152 Damage
Range 5 Range
Favourite Target Any FavTarget
Training Cost 280 Food
Training Time 40s Clock
General Information
Troop Space 1 TroopSpace
Troop Type Event troop
Nation all
Strength Strength Long range, high damage
Weakness Weakness None
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked Classical Age and up
Upgrade Cost none Food
Upgrade Time none Clock
Experience Gain None Exp
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
None Veteran Trapper (Medieval Age) and Pathfinder (Gunpowder Age) and Elite Pathfinder (Enlightenment Age) and up

These grizzled survivalists are strong against all targets.

Historical Description Edit

Early frontier life in the New World was brutal for those who survived the Atlantic crossing from Great Britain, with dangers that included starvation, disease and attack from Native Americans defending their homeland. The hardiest of these settlers pushed onward to the interior, seeking to take advantage of abundant hunting, trapping and trade oppotunities. In literature, James Fenimore Cooper celebrated this uniquely American archetype of the pioneer woodmans in "The Last of the Mohicans" and it sequel, "The Pathfinder".

There are four levels of the Trapper:

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