“A modern society only runs as well as its oil, and the best way to generate it is with an oil well.”


General InformationEdit

  • Available in the Enlightenment Age, the Oil Well provides Oil to train and upgrade Factory and Airstrip troops.
  • The Oil Well is also used to help you research Library technologies that cost oil.
  • Note that players in the Gunpowder Age and below cannot steal your oil.
  • Players can steal up to 75% of your Oil from Oil Wells.


Age Number Available
Enlightenment Age2
Industrial Age3 (*4)
Global Age 4 (*5)
Atomic Age

*Research Drilling Chapter 3 at the Library for +1 Oil Well limit.

Level Build Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Required Citizen Experience Gain Exp Production Per Hour Oil icon Storage Capacity Oil icon HP Health icon Age Unlocked
1 1,100,000 3d 2 354 35 (*49) 200 1,833 Enlightenment Age
2 1,800,000 4d 519 49 (*68) 350 2,000
3 3,000,000 7d 2,220 63 (*88) 540 2,650** Industrial Age
4 4,000,000 8d 2,385 77 (*107) 770 2,920** Global Age
5 5,500,000 9d 3 3,180 91 (*127) 1,040 3,550** Atomic Age
6 7,000,000 10d 3,370 105 (*147) 1,360 4,400**

*Research Drilling Chapters 2 & 5 at the Library for +10% production rate for each chapter.
*Research Oil Production at the University under Amelia Earhart for +4% production rate for each level(5 levels).

**Research Drilling Chapter 1 at the Library for +20% Oil Well and Oil Refinery HP.

Research Oil Well Capacity at the University under Emperor Moctezuma for +5% storage capacity for each level(10 levels).

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