General Information Edit

There are different forms of Obstacles in the game. The main ones are annoyances such as trees, rocks, and oil seeps. You cannot construct buildings on space occupied by Obstacles or move Buildings there. Some Obstacles, such as Ruins that have been investigated, can be moved.

When clearing Forests, you may find trees, rocks, or other beneficial Obstacles that you can clean up to receive Food, Gold, or other bonuses such as Metal or Crowns. Obstacles with rewards such as these include Locked Chests, Amphora, Ruins, and Gold Deposits. Obstacles take one citizen to clear, except for Gold Deposits, which take two.

Periodic Obstacle Growth

Between logins and loading screens, trees will grow in empty spaces. Also, once you build an Oil Refinery after reaching the Enlightenment Age, Oil will periodically seep out of the ground as time passes (you have to have an Oil Refinery and be in the Enlightenment Age for this to happen). Trees and oil seeps will only grow/seep up on the south eastern and south western borders of your town.


Type Clearing Cost Food Time Clock
Small Tree
Small Tree 50 30s
Tree 1
Tree 1 2
Tree 1 1,000 45s
? Tree 2 10,000 ?
? Tree 3 ? ?
Large Tree
Large Tree 10,000 60s


Type Clearing

Cost Gold icon


Time Clock

Small Rock 50 30s
Rock 1,000 45s
Large Rock 10,000 1m

Oil Seeps Edit

Type Oil icon Gained Clearing

Time Clock

Oil Seep
Oil Seep ~200 30s


Like Locked Chests, but rewards with Food.

Locked ChestsEdit

Type Clearing Time Clock Reward
Locked Chest Locked Chest 15s? ~200 Gold icon
? Metal
Locked Chest Substantial Locked Chest 45s ~515 Gold icon
1-3 Metal
Locked Chest Colossal Locked Chest 1m ~23,000 Gold icon
1-? Metal

Gold DepositsEdit

  • Medium Gold Deposit: 2 citizen, "There's gold in them there rocks", can be mined 3 times, ~2000 gold reward (real rewards scene: 2,205, 1,967, 2,149), +100 technology bonus, 20 sec time per mining, 40% chance of getting metal bars (real rewards seen: 2 metal bars, 3 metal bars).


Investigate to get food. Then you can move it like a tree or gold mine for decoration. It can be permanently sold for 500Food.


The Exploration Technology confers several bonuses to clearing tree and rocks:

  • Chapter 2: -50% clearing cost of Obstacles.
  • Chapter 3: 5% chance of finding an animal when clearing Obstacles(does not apply to oil seeps).
  • Chapter 4: +10% chance of finding an animal when clearing Obstacles(does not apply to oil seeps).

The Drilling Technology confers the following bonus:

  • Chapter 4: +20% Oil gained from oil seeps.

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