"People were usually loyal to a region or a particular leader before the development of nationalism."
Nationalism is a Level 6 Technology which increases the effectiveness of Bunkers and the number of Bunkers that can be built. It is unlocked in the Industrial Age.

General Information Edit

Chapter Requirements Cost Oil Time XP Gain Description
1 Library Level 6
15,000 4h 520 Increases Bunker health by 10%
2 30,000 1d12h 760 Increases Bunker defenders by 1
3 45,000 3d 1,115 Increases Bunker limit by 1
4 60,000 4d 3,947 +10% Heavy Tank defender attack
5 90,000 6d 4,935 Increases Bunker health by 10%
Technology Navigation
Level 1 Tier 1 PotteryRoadwaysReinforcementsFree Companies
Level 1 Tier 2 ExplorationWatch TowersMachineryCast Iron
Level 2 Crop RotationCommerceFortificationRampartsChivalry
Level 3 ZealFortificationBattle TacticsBallistics
Level 4 HoundsPartisansEngineeringBanners
Level 5 BankingCitadelsStanding ArmyLeadership
Level 6 DrillingSavingsNationalismHeavy Weaponry
Level 7 InternationalismNegotiationsAir DefenseAviation
Level 8 HeritageResistanceCommandWarfare
Level 9 ShippingSpoils of WarDeceptionHigh Explosives
Level 10 ComputingRadarMonumentsElite Paratroopers

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