Heavy Field Mortar

Heavy Field Mortar is currently the highest level of Mortar Infantry available in the game

Mortar Infantry is the seventh type of Troop to use for the player in DomiNations. From a range, they're excellent against Buildings. Unlike Ranged Siege, they have more health and can attack enemy Troops. However, they are weak against Troops; especially Heavy Cavalry. They're unlocked in the Gunpowder Age.

General Information Edit

The standard Mortar Infantry's A.I. is to destroy the nearest Building possible from a range. It also tries to kill nearby enemy Troops as well if it gets the chance. If enemy Troops attack the Mortar Infantry while it is damaging a Building, the Mortar Infantry will defend itself and attack back. However, although Mortar Infantry can attack enemy Troops, it is usually weak against them, primarily Heavy Cavalry.

Mortar Infantry takes up 6 spaces in the Barracks. They are trained in 14 minutes. There is currently no unique unit based off the Mortar Infantry.

Statistics Edit

Name Age HP Health icon DPS Damage Cost Food Upgrade

Cost Food


Time Clock

Experience Gain Exp
Mortar Gunpowder 575 164 9,250 3,000,000 2d 760
Guard Mortar Enlightment 774 200 13,000 5,500,000 4d 1,115
Trench Mortar Industrial 840 243 16,000 6,750,000 8d 1,630
Field Mortar Global 966 280 18,500 8,750,000 10d 1,845
Heavy Field Mortar Atomic 1,120 351 21,000 10,000,000 12d 2,040

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