“Crank it back and watch it fly. In peacetime you can use it to launch all kinds of stuff... you Most notable of course would be dead cows.”



  • The Mortar is a ranged weapon that delivers splash damage, hitting all units within the area of effect. It is not able to hit units that get close to it, as shown by the red circle when selected.
  • The Mortar starts out as the Catapult at levels 1 - 3 and finally becomes the Mortar at level 4 and up.
  • The Catapult is first available at the Iron Age.
  • It is very effective against large numbers of low hitpoint troops, such as Heavy Infantry and Ranged Infantry.

Defensive strategies Edit

  • To create a nice "Kill Zone" put a Mortar 2-3 Blocks away from an Anti-Tank Gun. You could also include a Tower or a Machine Gun (Redoubt).
  • Remember as these buildings need no access. You can encapsulate them within a Wall for extra defense with no Gate, unless you want to connect more buildings to the City Center via the Road for more City Center Hitpoints.


Boost Statistics Edit

Statistic Modifiers (These modify the base statistics below)

The Machinery Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Catapult/Mortar:

Main article: Machinery
  • Chapter 1: DPS improved by +10%.
  • Chapter 2: HP improved by +10%.
  • Chapter 3: 1 Additional Catapult/Mortar.
  • Chapter 4: HP improved by +10%.
  • Chapter 5: Increase speed of fire by +10%.

The Radar Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Catapult/Mortar:

Main article: Radar

The research of Leonardo da Vinci in the University also confers the following bonuses to Catapults/Mortars:

  • Mortar Damage: Increase 3% damage per each skill level researched.
  • Mortar Upgrade Cost: Reduce 2% upgrade cost per each skill level researched.
  • Mortar Hitpoints: Increase 3% hitpoints per each skill level researched.

Quantity Statistics Edit

Level Statistics Edit

Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock Damage /Sec. Damage Range Range HP Health icon XP Reward Exp Age Unlocked
1 25,000 4 8h 33 10 700 610 Iron Age
2 160,000 1d 46 9001,115 Classical Age
3 700,000 2d 55 1,100 1,630 Medieval Age
4 1,600,000 3d 70 1,520 2,040 Gunpowder Age
5 4,500,000 5d 80 1,820 2,700 Enlightenment Age
6 7,000,000 12d 85 2,120 4,365 Industrial Age
7 9,000,000 14d 95 2,330 4,750 Global Age
8 10,500,000 14d 125 3,040 4,750 Atomic Age
9 15,500,000 15d 142 4,361 4,935 Cold War Age

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