Planned cities are often built around monuments since they can serve functional purpose. For example, the Washington Monument's location was chosen to help organize the public space.

Monuments is Level 10 Technology which increases the hitpoints of your wonders by 30%.

General Information Edit

Chapter Requirements Gost Gold Time XP Gain Description
1 Library Level 10 + Deception 1,800,000 16h 1,475 Increases the hitpoints of your Bronze Age wonder by 30%
2 3,600,000 4d 3,950 Increases the hitpoints of your Classical Age wonder by 30%
3 5,400,000 7d 5,370 Increases the hitpoints of your Gunpowder Age wonder by 30%
4 7,200,000 9d 6,165 Increases the hitpoints of your Industrial Age wonder by 30%
5 9,800,000 13d 7,550 Increases the hitpoints of your Atomic Age wonder by 30%

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