Description Edit

Mercenary Melee Infantry can be recruited from the Mercenary Camp using Leather and Fur.

Favorite Target Unit Size Strengths Weakness
Nearest Enemy 6 Building, Cavalry Enemy foot troops, Catapults
Level Name Mercenary Camp Level Required Hitpoints Damage per second Damage against Infantry Leather Required Fur Required
1 Hittite Warrior 2 275 60 15 2 2
2 Hun Warrior 4 386 161 40 3 3
3 Ronin 6 429 283 141 4 4

Mercenary Melee Infantry have similar statistics to regular melee infantry, but are much stronger than the troops available at a given age.

Hittite Warriors are stronger than Hoplites, but weaker than Phalanxes.

Hun Warriors are between Pikemen and Halberdiers in damage and between Halberdiers and Fusiliers in hit points.

Ronin are stronger than Fusiliers, the highest level regular melee infantry unit, and do considerably more damage against infantry (141 vs 55 DPS).

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