"Hard-hitting cavalry mercenary."

Description Edit

Mercenary Heavy Cavalry can be recruited from the Mercenary Camp using Diamonds and Metal.

Favorite Target Unit Size Strengths Weakness
Defensive buildings 1 Tough, good against catapults. Ballista towers, spike traps
Level Name Mercenary Camp Level Required Hitpoints Damage per second Damage against resource buildings Diamonds Required Metal Required
1 Persian Heavy Cavalry 3 3600 191 58 1 4
2 Templar Knight 5 5950 250 75 1 5
3 Hessian Cavalry 7 7950 287 86 1 6

Mercenary Heavy Cavalry only do 30% of their usual damage to resource buildings, although as their preferred target is defensive buildings, they will not often be attacking them.

Mercenary Heavy Cavalry are similar to regular Heavy Cavalry, but with improved statistics for troops available at the same age.

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