"These elite, heavy-hitting troops are effective at tearing down enemy buildings"
  • Troop stats depend on level of coalition

The Marine is the special unit for the Americans unlocked in the embassy and can only be used for world wars. They will join your attacks during world war attacks.

Historical Description Edit

Marines are infantry who specialize in amphibious warfare. In ancient navies, marines were stationed on ships to engage in hand-to-hand boarding operations, and also to keep the crew in line. Their role became increasingly important as advances in naval technology enabled nations to fight wars on a global scale. Dutch and British marines captured Gibraltar in 1704 and withstood repeated sieges, leading to Britain's permanent control over the territory. The United States Marine Corps traces its roots back to the Continental Marines created during the American Revolution. U.S. Marines led the way in the Pacific Theater of World War II, spearheading assaults on Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and more.

Statistics Edit

Level HitpointsHealth icon Damage per secondDamage DPS against InfantryDamage
1 927 413 103
2 976 434 108
3 1,027 457 114
4 1,082 481 120
5 1,136 506 126
6 1,193 531 132
7 1,379 611 152

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