Maori Coalition

Maori is a War Coalition that increases the attack damage and health of the defender in your war base in World War. Toa will defend your War Base alongside the forest defenders.

General Information Edit

Level Armory Req. Embassy Req. Cost


Time Exp Defender Attack Damage Defender Health Toa Amount
1 1 - - - +10% +10% 8
2 1 500,000 1d 520 +12% +12% 8
3 2 1,750,000 2d 760 +15% +15% 10
4 3 3,000,000 4d 1,115 +20% +20% 13
5 4 5,000,000 8d 1,630 +25% +25% 14
6 5 7,000,000 10d 1,845 +30% +30% 14
7 6 8,000,000 11d 1,945 +35% +35% 15

Historical Description Edit

"The Maori are a Polynesian people who settled in New Zealad around the 12th century. Traditional Maori society centered around the concepts of 'mana' (status) and 'utu' (reciprocity). This led to periodic warfare to avenge insults and attacks, with competition for land and resources being additional motives. Most of the time, however, the Maori lived peacefully in unfortified settlements.

British missionaries, traders, and whalers began arriving in New Zealand around 1800. They brought firearms which the Maori soon put to use in a series of intertribal conflicts called the Musket Wars. Despite the fighting, Maori chiefs came together to sign a joint declaration of independence in 1835, proclaiming themselves the rightful rulers of New Zealand.

They signed the Treaty of Waitangi five years later, ceding sovereignty to Great Britain in return for the rights of British subjects. Since then the Maori have fought for their land rights both on the battlefield and in the courtroom.