These siege units fire shots from a distance, heavily damaging enemy buildings. Defenseless against enemy troops.

General information Edit

Strength: Heavily damages buildings from range.

Weakness: Completely vulnerable against enemy troops.

Favourite targets are Nearest buildings.

Range of 5.

Hictorically Descriptions Edit

The traditional cavalry army of the Mongol steppe nomads was not well suited for capturing cities. At such, they recruited siege experts from conquered peoples, especially the Chinese. One of the most important engines in the Mongol arsenal was the mangonel, a catapult-like weapon that hurled projectiles at high speeds. It could be loaded with rocks to knock down walls, flammable or explosive ammunition to rain fire down on enemies or even rotting organic matter to inflict diseases. Mangonels were instrumental in several Mongol campaigns, including the conquest of Khwarezm and the destruction of the Assassins.

Statistics Edit

Level Hitpoints Health icon Damage Per Second Damage Damage Against Defenders Damage
1 270 212 21
2 300 253 25
3 391 290 29
4 482 330 33
5 572 369 36
6 658 507 50
7 762 584 58

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