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"Short-ranged tower that excels at eliminating large hordes of units."

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • The Machine Gun is a tower that shoots multiple guns and is effective at destroying groups of units, especially infantry.
  • The Machine Gun starts out as the Redoubt at Levels 1 & 2 and becomes the Machine Gun at Level 3 and up.
  • Heavy Cavalry can destroy the Redoubt effectively as the Redoubt struggles against cavalry.
  • As of update v2.0.x, Machine Guns can attack airplanes.

Visuals Edit

  • in the level 4 Machine Gun tower the man in the tower is using a U.S. made Browning 30 cal. machine gun or U.S. made Browning 50 cal. machine gun (or M2 Browning as it is normally called)

Defensive strategies Edit


Age Number Available
Gunpowder Age2
Enlightenment Age 3
Industrial Age
Global Age 4
Atomic Age 4?
Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens Required Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Damage /Sec. Damage Range Range HP Health icon Age Unlocked
1 1,400,000 4 2d 1,630 56 7 1,480Gunpowder Age
2 4,500,000 4d 2,385 68 1,720Enlightenment Age
3 7,000,000 12d 4,365 80 1,960 Industrial Age
4 9,000,000 14d 4,750 93 ? Global Age
5 10,500,000 14d? 4,750 120 3033 Atomic Age

Boosts Edit

The Citadels Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Redoubt:

  • Chapter 2: Increases Redoubt health by 10%.
  • Chapter 4: Increases Redoubt damage by 10%.

The Radar Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Machine Gun Tower:

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