The Koreans is one of 8 nations in the mobile game of DomiNations. It is the first non-vanilla and the first added nation to the game. They have the Exceptional Tradition ability.
Building Style Korean Oriental
Unit Style Oriental
Strategy Offensive

Nation Powers

Exceptional Tradition

  • An additional war tactic can be taken to battle.
  • 10% of loot stolen by attackers will be refunded.

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • An additional war tactic can help players attack more efficiently.
  • The ranged Hwarang enables this nation to deal a lot of damage quickly.
  • Since 10% of raided loots are refunded by the nation's unique power, it can be good for saving up resources.


  • No economic or defensive bonuses.

Unique Units

The Korean unique ranged infantry units has 40% more damage than standard ranged infantry units they replace. Click the images to go to the pages on the troop specified.



  • Big Huge Games had stated that the reason why they did the nation 'Koreans' was to celebrate the release of DomiNations in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

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