“Like their jaguar namesake, these Aztec troops move fast and strike hard. These troops are good against all target and have no particular preference. The biggest threats they face are high-damage defenses like Spike Trap and Ballista Tower.”

The Jaguar Warrior is a Heavy Infantry/Event Troop unit unlocked in the Aztec Rituals Event. It is stronger, more versatile, and faster than common Heavy Infantry.

General Information Edit

  • Jaguar Warriors are unlocked in the Aztec Rituals Event's Step 1 and Step 3.
  • Jaguar Warriors can be produced by the Aztec Temple to defend your base.
  • Jaguar Warriors can damage buildings very easy and quickly. They are also good against cavalry.
  • Jaguar Warriors would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • Jaguar Warriors can get destroyed easily by Catapults and Mortars, as well as Spike Traps and Ballista Towers.
  • Jaguar Warriors are weak against other infantry.

Historical Description Edit

"The jaguar, representing strength and power, was an important animal in the religions of pre-Colombian Mesoamerican cultures. Dressed in skins of their namesake predator, Jaguar Warrior represented the highest echelon of militarized Aztec society. Demonstrating prowess in battle by the capture of enemies was one of the few ways for commoners to advance to noble status.

The captives were often sacrificed to the gods in elaborate rituals and many allegedly welcomed their role as messengers to the heavens in these ceremonies. Jaguar Warriors were armed with a sword made of wood and obsidian and carried a shield decorated with feathers and believed to have magical properties."

Visuals Edit

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • If used in large groups; Jaguar Warriors can be devastating and can destroy a base easily; if not in heavy fire.
  • Catapults and Mortars are devastating against Jaguar Warriors and can kill a group of them in a few hits if in the range of the impact. Spread your Jaguar Warriors around so the catapult would have to hit each Jaguar Warrior to kill it and that its impact would not affect other Jaguar Warriors as well.
  • Use ranged infantry such as bowmen to support Jaguar Warriors.
  • Jaguar Warriors can be used as a distraction for many defenses and can help protect ranged infantry such as bowmen from heavy fire from defenses.

Defensive Strategy Edit

  • Jaguar Warriors can be produced by Aztec Temples to defend your base. Use Aztec Temples as your average garrison to keep producing units against invading enemies.

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