Heavy Tank Mk.2
Heavy Tank Mk.2
Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 22,000 Health icon
Damage per second 1,100 Damage
Range 3 Range
Favourite Target Any FavTarget
Training Cost 910 Oil Food
Training Time 40m Clock
General Information
Troop Space 25 TroopSpace
Troop Type Heavy Tank
Strength Strength Extremely high hitpoints, very powerful maingun
Weakness Weakness High troop space, slow rate of fire
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked Industrial Age
Upgrade Cost 80,000 Oil Food
Upgrade Time 8 days Clock
Experience Gain 1630 Exp
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
Heavy Tank Mk.1 Heavy Tank Mk.3

"For when you absolutely must have the biggest tank on the battlefield. With much greater armor and firepower, it easily dispatches smaller tanks while absorbing tremendous punishment. However it has a very high population cost and the slow rate of fire can cause it to be bogged down by overwhelming odds"

The Heavy Tank Mk.2 (level 2 Heavy Tank) is a standard heavy tank unit. It can be upgraded to the Heavy Tank Mk.3.

Description Edit

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Historically Description Edit

Armored tactics evolved at a rapid pace throughout WWI, in response to the attrition of trench warface. The first tanks were slow, underpowered and prone to mechanical breakdowns, but by the end of the war, Allied superiority in Heavy Tanks such as British Mark V played a decisive role in key battles such as Cambrai and Amiens.

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