Heavy Supply Truck
Heavy Supply Truck
Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 590 Health icon
Healing per second 42 Heal
Damage Multiplier 300% Damage
Range 5 Range
Favourite Target Injured Troops FavTarget
Training Cost 8,500 Food
Training Time 15 minutes Clock
General Information
Troop Space 8 TroopSpace
Troop Type Supply vehicles
Strength Strength Heals troops in a small area, heal tripled for heavy cavalry
Weakness Weakness Defenseless
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked Global Age
Upgrade Cost 8,750,000 Food
Upgrade Time 10 days Clock
Experience Gain 1.845 Exp
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
Supply Truck Supply Convoy

“These support units restore health to injured or damaged troops, allowing them to sustain the attack for a longer duration. Heavy cavalry and generals are healed for 3 times as much.”

The Heavy Supply Truck is a level 5 Supply Vehicle unlocked in the Global Age. Its predecessor is the Supply Truck. It can be upgraded to the Supply Convoy. It is researched in the level 9 armory.

General Information Edit

  • The Heavy Supply Truck heals the damaged troop that is close to it by throwing supplies at it. They would continually throw supplies at the damaged troop until it is fully healed.
  • The supplies the Heavy Supply Truck throws can also heal troops that are close to the target troop that is supplied to.
  • If all the troops have full health, the Heavy Supply Truck would remain stationary unless a troop gets damaged.
  • Heavy Supply Trucks cannot attack and therefore are defenseless.

Historical Description Edit

"The CMC CCKW, the "Deuce and a half" was the primary vehicle for delivering supplies to Allied forces as they marched eastward after the invasion of Normandy. The CCKW acronym is a part of the GMC model nomenclature: C for being designed in 1941, C for a conventional cab, K for all-wheel drive and W for dual rear axles."

Visuals Edit

Attack StrategiesEdit

  • Since Heavy Supply Trucks cannot attack and are defenseless, use Assault Infantry or Submachine Guns to defend them and cover them from enemies and defenses.
  • Heavy Supply Trucks only heal the closest damaged troop. If you want them to heal a troop that is badly damaged and distances away, try to recall your troops to a safe spot so your Heavy Supply Trucks can heal it.

Trivia Edit

  • The A.I. of Heavy Supply Trucks are usually one of the strangest. In some moments on the battlefield, Supply Trucks would run into open fields to get shot at and stay there for 0.3 seconds but would later retreat to start healing troops. This has not been patched by Big Huge Games.
  • Heavy Supply Trucks and Combat Engineers are the only troops trained in the barracks that cannot be donated to other players.

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