Heavy Gatling Gun
Heavy Gatling Gun
Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 815 Health icon
Damage per second 106 Damage
Damage vs Infantry 426 Damage
Damage Multiplier 400% Damage
Range 3 Range
Favourite Target Any FavTarget
Training Cost 25 Oil Food
Training Time 2 minutes & 30 seconds Clock
General Information
Troop Space 4 TroopSpace
Troop Type Machine Gun Infantry
Strength Strength Strong against large groups of infantry
Weakness Weakness Weak against defenses, cavalry
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked Enlightenment Age
Upgrade Cost 20,400 Oil Food
Upgrade Time 6d 9h Clock
Experience Gain 90 Exp
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
Gatling Gun Machine Gun

The Heavy Gatling Gun (Level 2 Machine Gun Infantry) is a standard machine gun unit. Its predecessor is the Gatling Gun. It can be upgraded to the Machine Gun.

General Information Edit

Visuals Edit

Historical Description Edit

The Gatling gun was designed by Dr. Richard J. Gatling and used a gravity feed system to get bullets into the chambers. Several barrels rotated around a central shaft that was mounted to a frame. The design would eventually be replaced with more recoil-resistant or gas-operated weapons.

Trivia Edit

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