"Armed with a rocket launcher and nerves of steel, this unit specializes in destroying tanks"

General information Edit

Deals 7x damage against tanks, buildings and walls.

Favourite targets are tanks.

Range of 3.

Training time is 5m 30s.

Takes 4 troop space

Hictorically Descriptions Edit

"The Panzerschreck was developed as a copy of captured American bazookas. It is unclear whether they were captured in 1942 on the Eastern front, given that Soviet forces had received a shipment of bazookas, or were captured in Tunisia from American forces in February 1943, or both. The American bazookas also spurred the development of the Faustpatrone and successor Panzerfaust anti-tank grenade launchers that each also used a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead.The Panzerschreck was larger and heavier than its American counterpart - the Panzerschreck had an 88 mm calibre, compared to the 60 mm calibre of the bazooka - which meant that it could penetrate thicker armor, but it also produced more smoke when firing."

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