"The Battle of Guadalcanal was the first major offensive by Allied forces against the Empire of Japan during World War II. Overwhelm your enemies in battle during this event to earn a special limited-time Flamethrower Camp!"

Guadalcanal is a 7-day event that specializes about the Flamethrower and the Fuel Depot. There are total of 5 steps in the event in order to receive the limited-time Fuel Depot. This event will start at May 11, 2016 and ends at May 18, 2016.

Historical Description Edit

The Battle of Guadalcanal was the first major offensive by allied forces against the Empire of Japan during WW II. On August 7, 1942 allied forces landed on the island with the objective of denying its use by the Japanese to threaten supply and communication routes between the US, Australia and New Zealand. The allies suprised and overwhelmed the Japanese forces, gaining a strategic base in the Pacific. How good are you at overwhelming enemy forces?

Objectives Edit

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Step 1: Destroy 950 enemy defenders

Step 2: Destroy 2,600 enemy defenders

  • Reward: 375,000 food

Step 3: Destroy 4,800 enemy defenders

Step 4: Destroy 7,300 enemy defenders

  • Reward: 1,100,000 gold

Step 5: Destroy 10,000 enemy defenders

Theses are the goals and rewards for Industrial Age players.

Recommended Buildings and Units Edit

  1. Garrison
  2. Stable
  3. Barrage
  4. Fighters

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