Fruit Tree

“Fruit trees - a cheap and convenient way to grow extra food!”


  • The Fruit Tree provides food for the player.
  • You already have 3 Fruit Trees at the start of the game. The 4th one has to be purchased with Gold. Additionally, the Pottery technology (Chapter 3) allows you to purchase 2 additional Fruit Trees.
  • The time to replenish increases every time you upgrade your Town Center.
  • The Fruit Tree has a chance to produce Cider every time you collect from your tree.
  • You can use Crowns to ripen the Fruit Trees, allowing you to harvest them at once.


Statistic Modifiers (These modify the base statistics below)

The Pottery Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Fruit Trees

  • Chapter 1: Increases resources from Fruit Trees by 5%
  • Chapter 2: Increases chance of finding Cider by 10%
  • Chapter 3: Increases Fruit Tree limit by 1
  • Chapter 4: Increases resources from Fruits Trees by 20%
  • Chapter 5: Increases Fruit Tree limit by 1

The Hanging Gardens wonder confers these bonuses to Fruit Trees

  • Collection time: -50%
  • Regeneration time: -20%
  • Gather amount: +20%
Age Number Available Time to Replenish Watch Harvest Time Watch Citizens Required Citizen Harvest Amount Food Chance at Cider Cider Found
Dawn Age 3 5m20 sec 2 ~50 10% ?
Stone Age4 10m ~200 10% ?
Bronze Age 30m ~450 20% ?
Iron Age 1h ~900 30% ?
Classical Age 4 (6)(8) 1h 20m ~1,500 30% (40%) 0-2
Medieval Age 2h ~2,500 40% (50%) ?
Gunpowder Age 2h 40m ~3,500 2-3
Enlightenment Age 4h ~5,000 50% (60%)
Industrial Age ~6,000
Global Age

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