Health 12,100 Health icon
Damage per second 718
Damage vs Infantry 179
Range 3
Strength High hitpoints
Weakness Vulnerable to anti-tank guns, low damage vs. tank and walls
Favorite Targets Any
Required Goods 7 Cider
2 Diamond
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level 8
Army Size 2
Troop Type Mercenary Tanks

The Flammpanzer is a Mercenary Tank available at Mercenary Camp level 8. Mercenary tanks replace Mercenary Elephants, the last of which being the Mahout.

Description Edit

"A tank equipped with a flamethrower for the main gun. They are typically deployed against fortifications or buildings with confined spaces where the flame can reach soldiers behind the walls. The weapons have a very short range, making them all but useless in open spaces and against other vehicles (a standard tank would eat them alive), but against infantry they have a tremendous psychological effect, roaring and belching flame like a hungry dragon as they approach."

Trivia Edit

Flammpanzer is based off on WW1-Era German A7V.

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