Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 900 Health icon
Damage per second 343 Damage
Damage vs Infantry 686 Damage
Damage Multiplier 200% Damage
Range 1.5 Range
Favourite Target Any FavTarget
Training Cost 40 oil Food
Training Time 1m 10s Clock
General Information
Troop Space 1 TroopSpace
Troop Type Event troop
Strength Strength Double damage against defenders, causes suppression
Weakness Weakness Slow moving
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked Guadalcanal Event
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
None None

These troops are equipped with a flamethrower which suppresses troops it damages. Suppressed troops deal half damage and move at half speed.

The Flamethrower is an Event unit from the Guadalcanal event.

Historical Description Edit

Early flamethrowers were used aboard naval shipsduring the Classical Age, where a pump was used to spay Greek Fire. The first man-portable modern flamethrower were invented around 1901 before the first WW. They consisted two tanks (one filled with flammable oil, the other with pressurized gas), a rubber tube with an igniting device and a lever to control the flow. By WW II flamethrowers saw extensive use, most notably in clearing entrenched positions like bunkers.

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