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The Strike Fighter is currently the highest level of fighter available in the game.

Fighters are the first type of air troop to use in the game DomiNations. They are excellent for taking down hordes of enemy units such as are Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry. They're unlocked in the Airstrip in the Industrial Age.

General Information Edit


The Biplane is the first level of standard Fighter aircraft available to the player. They're unlocked in the Industrial Age.

The standard A.I. of a Fighter is that it circles a target, performing 2 powerful strafing runs and suppressing defense buildings (causing them to operate slower). Fighters are good against heavy armored units such as Heavy Cavalry due to having 17 times more bonus damage against them. They are also extremely useful to suppress enemy defense buildings as they operate 66% slower when suppressed and can be easily taken down by your grounds units. However, Fighters can be taken down easily by an Air Defense or a Tower. The order of planes to attack is sorted by the amount of health in descending order, while the unused planes will be at the end of the list.

To deploy a Fighter, tap any building or unit in the enemy's base. When they've finished their attack, they take a few seconds to refuel, and when done, go to your unit bar for redeployment.

Fighters take up 1 space in the Airstrip. They are trained in 30 minutes. They have a range of 4.

Statistics Edit

Name Age AirStrip Level

Hitpoints Health icon

Damage Per Second Damage Air Space Cost Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp
Biplane Mk. 1 Industrial Age 1


110 1 280 - - -
Biplane Mk. 2 1,890 115 294 45,000 4 days 1,112
Biplane Mk. 3 1,985 121 309 50,000
Triplane Mk. 1 2 2,084 127 324 55,000 5 days 1,258
Triplane Mk. 2 2,188 133 340 60,000
Triplane Mk. 3 2,297 140 357 70,000
Fighter Mk. 1 Global Age 3 2,411 142 410 140,000 6 days 1,395
Fighter Mk. 2 2,527 144 465 150,000
Fighter Mk. 3 2,642 146 515 160,000

Mk. 4

2,775 154 540 170,000
Fighter Mk. 5 2,915 162 565 180,000
Fighter Mk. 6 3,065 171 595 190,000
Strike Fighter Mk. 1 Atomic Age 4 3,220 176 625 200,000 7d 1,515
Strike Fighter Mk. 2 3,380 181 655 210,000
Strike Fighter Mk. 3 3,530 188 690 220,000
Strike Fighter Mk. 4 3,710 198 725 230,000
Strike Fighter Mk. 5 4,680 228 760 240,000
Strike Fighter Mk. 6 4,095 218 800 250,000

Visuals Edit

Boosts Edit

The Aviation Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses:

  • Chapter 1 : Increases Biplane attack by 10%.
  • Chapter 2 : Increases Zeppelin health by 10%.
  • Chapter 3 : Increases Air troop capactiy limit by 1.
  • Chapter 4 : Increases Biplane health by 10%.
  • Chapter 5 : Increases all aircraft health by 10%

Amelia Earhart at the University confers these bonuses to the Fighters:

  • Fighter Damage: Increases damage of Fighter aircraft by 3%(10 levels).
  • Fighter Hitpoints: Increases hitpoints of Fighter aircraft by 5%(5 levels).

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Planes get hurt mostly because of the idle run (second run, finding nearby target if the original target got destroyed). Try to use the least number of planes needed, to preserve the health of your fleet.
  • With the Statue of Liberty (20% increase of plane damage), and 4 planes (Triplane Mk. 3) capacity. By sending out 2 planes (4 runs in total) can destroy any mortar (lower than level 6), sending out 3 planes (5 runs and 1 idle) can destroy any tower, sending out 2 planes (4 runs) can destroy a air defense, 3 planes (5 runs and 1 idle) can destroy the cannon and anti tank tower. Let's do the math, you can do 2+1+1, to suppress all and damage half the health of a group of 3 towers, two rounds could destroy them all; you can do 3+1, to destroy one tower while suppress a tower nearby; you can do 2+1+1 to destroy one mortar, while suppress two towers nearby; you can also do 4 at an air defense to destroy it instantly, as it can't be suppressed by planes. etc.

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