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In DomiNations, events are special occasions where either players do a specific task to receive rewards or cheapens infrastructure upgrades.

Special Events Edit

Special events are events that gives players tasks in order to receive a reward that will benefit the player. They would only last a week.

Mark of the Assassin Edit

Main article: Mark of the Assassin!

(From 4 PM UTC 1/20 until 4 PM UTC 1/27)

Trade Mansa! Edit

Main article: Trade Mansa!

(From 4 PM UTC 2/9 until 4 PM UTC 2/16)

Conquest! Edit

Main article: Conquest!

(From 4 PM UTC 2/24 until 4 PM UTC 3/3)

Big Loot! Edit

Main article: Big Loot!

(From 4 PM UTC 3/9 until 4 PM UTC 3/16)

The Great Frontier! Edit

Main article: The Great Frontier!

(From 9 AM ET 3/23 until 9 AM ET 3/30)

D-Day! Edit

Main article: D-Day!

(From 9 AM ET 4/13 until 9 AM ET 4/20)

Forging Allegiance Edit

Main article: Forging Allegiance

(From 9 AM ET 4/27 until 9 AM ET 5/4)

Guadalcanal Edit

Main article: Guadalcanal

(From 9 AM UTC 5/11 until 9 AM UTC 5/18)

Big Huge Loot! Edit

Main article: Big Huge Loot

(From 9 AM UTC 6/1 until 9 AM UTC 6/8)

Pirate Raid! Edit

Main article: Pirate Raid

(From 9 AM UTC 6/15 until 9 AM UTC 6/22)

Enter the Ninja! Edit

Main article: Enter the Ninja!

(From 14:00 UTC 6/29 until 14:00 UTC 7/06)

Aztec Rituals! Edit

Main article: Aztec Rituals

(From 14:00 UTC 7/20 until 14:00 UTC 7/27)

Big Huge Loot! (August) Edit

Main article: Big Huge Loot (August)

(From 9 AM UTC 8/3 until 9 AM UTC 8/10)

Operation Husky! Edit

Main article: Operation Husky!

(From 9 AM UTC 8/17 until 9 AM UTC 8/24)

Anniversary Event! Edit

Main article: Anniversary Event!

(From 9 AM UTC 8/26 until 9 AM UTC 8/29)

Temujin's Revenge Edit

Main article: Temujin's Revenge

(From 9 AM UTC 8/31 until 9 AM UTC 9/6)

Trade Mansa! (September) Edit

Main article: Trade Mansa! (September)

(From 9 AM UTC 9/14 until 9 AM UTC 9/21)

Big Huge Loot! (September-October) Edit

Main article: Big Huge Loot (September-October)

(From 9 AM UTC 9/27 until 9 AM UTC 10/4)

Valhalla Awaits Edit

Main article: Valhalla Awaits

(From 9 AM UTC 10/12 until 9 AM UTC 10/19)

Charlegmagne's Elephant Edit

Main article: Charlegmagne's Elephant

(From 9 AM UTC 10/26 until 9 AM UTC 11/1)

Berlin Airlift! Edit

Main article: Berlin Airlft

(From 9 AM UTC 11/14 until 9 AM UTC 11/21)

Thanksgiving! Edit

Main article: Thanksgiving!

(From 9 AM UTC 11/23 until 9 AM UTC 11/30)

Guadalcanal (December 2016) Edit

Main article: Guadalcanal (December 2016)

(From 9 AM UTC 12/8 until 9 AM UTC 12/15)

Season of Giving! Edit

Main article: Season of giving!

(From 9 AM UTC 12/21 until 9 AM UTC 12/28)

Hidden Daggers! Edit

Main article: Hidden Daggers!

(From 9 AM UTC 1/5 until 9 AM UTC 1/12)

Ironclads of the Desert! Edit

Main article: Ironclads of the Desert!

(From 9 AM UTC 2/2 until 9 AM UTC 2/9)

Zulu Strike Edit

Main article: Zulu Strike

(From 9 AM UTC 3/1 until 9 AM UTC 3/8)

Silent Bombers! Edit

Main article: Silent Bombers!

(From 9 AM UTC 4/12 until 9 AM UTC 4/19)

2 Year Anniversary! Edit

Main article: 2 Year Anniversary!

(From 9 AM UTC 4/26 until 9 AM UTC 5/3)

Yabusame! Edit

Main article: Yabusame!

(From 9 AM UTC 5/10 until 9 AM UTC 5/17)

Infrastructure Events Edit

Infrastructure events are events that cheapen the cost of building upgrades to help quicken the process of maxing out bases for players. They last for a few days.

Town Defense Event Edit

Main article: Town Defense Event

(From 1 PM UTC 1/28 until 3 PM UTC 2/1)

Wall & Gate Upgrades Event Edit

Main article: Wall & Gate Upgrades Event

(From 11 PM UTC 3/17 until 3 PM UTC 3/21)

Expanding Horizons Event Edit

Main article: Expanding Horizons Event

(From 10 PM UTC 3/31 until 3 PM UTC 4/4)

Supply Drop Edit

Main article: Supply Drop

(From 12 AM UTC 4/8 - 2 PM UTC 4/15)

Spring Forward Event Edit

Main Article: Spring Forward Event

(From 12 AM UTC 4/21 - 2 PM UTC 4/25)

More Loot Edit

Main Article: More Loot

(From 2 PM UTC 4/25 - 2 PM UTC 5/3)

Town Defense Event II Edit

Main article: Town Defense Event II

(From 12 AM UTC 5/6 until 2 PM UTC 5/10)

Battle of Britain Event Edit

Main article: Battle Britain Event

(From 14:00 UTC 10/13 until 14:00 UTC 10/17)

Halloween Event Edit

Main article: Halloween Event

(From 14:00 UTC 10/27 until 14:00 UTC 11/1)

Supply Drop 2 Edit

Main article: Supply Drop 2

(From 15:00 UTC 11/10 - 15:00 UTC 11/17)

Azuchi Castle Event! Edit

Main article: Azuchi Castle Event

(From 15:00 UTC 12/1 - 15:00 UTC 12/5)

Trivia Edit

Special events are usually based on historic figures, including Tokugawa Ieyasu, Mansa Musa, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane and Daniel Boone.

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