General Information Edit

Event Troops, also known as limited time troops, are unlocked only through Events and each have a special skill. Usually during events you are granted armies of the Event Troops for finishing tasks and on the final task you get a Building that trains the special unit and acts as a Garrison or Stable. Unit health and damage are generally stacked by the players age and upgrades.

Unit Statistics Edit

Name Event HP Health icon Damage Per

Second Damage

Cost Food Training Time Clock Range Range
Ninja Mark of the Assassin! 550 12 300 4m Melee
Siege Elephant Big Loot! &

Charlegmagne's Elephant

6,528 270 1 Diamond5 Fur None 5
Elephant Archer Trade Mansa! 6,048 604 None None 3
Pathfinder The Great Frontier! 355 152 280 50s 5
B-17 Bomber D-Day! 1,490 5,000 360 Oil icon 45m 1
Voltigeur Forging Allegiance 998 275 0 0 1.5
Flamethrower Guadalcanal 900 343 40 Oil icon 1m 10s 1.5
Pirate Pirate Raid! 800 60 680 Gold icon 50s Melee
Shinobi Enter the Ninja! 3,850 72 3,600 8m Melee
Jaguar Warrior Aztec Rituals 2,995 1,372 680 5m Melee
Assassin Hidden Daggers! 17,545 275 2,000 5m Melee
Camel Cataphract Ironclads of the Desert 9,295 129 3,000 4m Melee
Impi Zulu Strike 847 251 320 25s Melee
Janissary Guns of the Sultan 1,876 907 960 4m 1.5
Shieldmaiden Valhalla Awaits 2,742 1,254 2,300 5m Melee

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