Elite Paratroopers

Any size group of soldiers gathering for an air movement was known as a 'chalk,' while a group of paratroopers was known as a 'stick.'

Elite Paratroopers is Level 10 Technology which increases the Transport Plane hitpoints by +10% and deployment cooldown by -3 seconds, as well as increases the Paratroopers hitpoints and attack by +10%.

General Information Edit

Chapter Requirements Cost Oil Time XP Gain Description
1 Library Level 10 + High Explosives 27,000 16h 1,475 +10% Transport hitpoints
2 54,000 4d 3,950 Reduces Transport deployment cooldown by 1 second
3 81,000 7d 5,370 +10% Paratrooper hitpoints
4 108,000 9d 6,165 +10% Paratrooper attack
5 147,000 13d 7,550 Reduces Transport deployment cooldown by 2 seconds

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