Elite Commando
Elite Commando
Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 3,100 Health icon
Damage per second 233 Damage
Damage vs Walls 4,660 Damage
Damage Multiplier 2,000% Damage
Range Melee Range
Favourite Target Defensive Buildings FavTarget
Training Cost 140 Food
Training Time 10m Clock
General Information
Troop Space 10 TroopSpace
Troop Type Destroyers
Strength Strength Sneaky, bypasses gates and 20x damage vs. buildings and walls
Weakness Weakness Easily overwhelmed if caught by defenders
Upgrade Information
Age Unlocked Atomic Age
Upgrade Cost ? Food
Upgrade Time 12d Clock
Experience Gain 2,040 Exp
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
Veteran Commando Coming Soon!

"This fearless unit sneaks through enemy gates, isn't shot by shooting buildings and plants powerful explosives on enemy defensive buildings"

General Information Edit

The Elite Commando (Level 5 Destroyer) is a special unit available at the Atomic Age. It's predecessor is the Veteran Commando.

Historically Description Edit

In the early days of the Cold War, the Soviet foreign military intelligence agency GRU founded a unit called the Spetsnaz, short for "special purpose" in Russian. Trained to speak multiple languages and operative deep in hostile territory, they soon gained a reputation as elite special forces. Over the next decades the Soviet Army. Navy, Air force and KGB (among others) crated their our Spetsnaz groups. Among the most famous actions of the Spetsnaz was Operation Storm-333, in which they killed the president of Afghanistan in his own palace in Kabul.

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