Elephant Archer
Elephant Archer
Health 6,048 Health icon
Damage per second 604
Damage vs Infantry 2,418
Damage Multiplier 400%
Range 3
Strength High hitpoints
Weakness Vulnerable to anti-tank guns, low damage vs. tanks and walls
Favorite Targets Enemy troops
Required Goods {{{Goods1}}}
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level Events Troops
Army Size None
Troop Type Heavy Tank

Event Troops

Historical Edit

The Elephant Archer (Heavy Cavalry) is a Special Event heavy cavalry unit.

"Elephants acted as a kind of heavy tank for the ancient world. When properly trained and supported, the War Elephant terrorized opposing armies from Southeast Asia to the British Isle. Writing about the Roman invasion of Britain, one contemporary historian reported that 'Caesar had one large elephant, which was equipped with armor and carrier archers and slingers in its tower. When this unknown creature entered the river, the Britons and their horses fled and the Roman army crossed over."