*Troop stats depend on level of coalition

The Eagle Warrior is the special unit for the Aztecs unlocked in the embassy and can only be used in world wars.

As part of an elite class of soldiers in the Aztec army, this ranged infantry deals high bonus damage to enemy foot troops.

Historical Description Edit

Eagle warriors were an elite order in the Aztec army. The title was awarded to soldiers who performed acts of exceptional bravery in combat such as taking several captives. While nobles were more likely candidates due to their better connections and training, commoners could also join their ranks. For example, they were permitted to wear certain types of clothing, consume special food and drinks (including human flesh), and dine in the royal palace. Eagle warriors were indistinct from jaguar warriors in most respects, the main difference being their combat attire. Indeed, they were often referred to collectively by the term cuauhtlocelotl, literally meaning 'eagle-jaguar warriors.'

Statistics Edit

Level Hitpoints Damage per second DPS against Infantry
1 194 25 126
2 244 28 143
3 281 34 170
4 305 40 203
5 329 47 236
6 379 52 264
7 436 61 308

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