General Information Edit

  • Creates a fake army outside the enemy base. Enemy troops in a large radius will run to attack this inflatable threat.


Battle Tactics Chapter 5 : +20% hitpoints to Decoys. Edit

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Decoy is almost in direct opposite to Sabotage and Blitzkrieg. Avoid placing the decoy and sabotage/blitzkrieg at the same time at a spot as one would cancel the other out.
  • To make it last longer, avoid placing them near anti tanks .
  • It works best if you place them on a wall segments. This mostly freeze the defenders as they get confuse on which side of the wall they should attack next.

Statistics Edit

Strength Distract enemy troops and buildings
Weakness Limited duration
Build time 45m
Tactics Space 1
Level Cost Food Upgrade Cost  Radius Range Duration Clock Pulse Clock Total Decoy Heavy Infantry Total Decoy Army Hitpoints Upgrade Time Clock XP Reward Exp War Academy Level
1 27,000 - 7 48s 1s 4 24,000 - - 6
2 30,000 7,500,000 7 52s 5 33,500 10d 1,845 7
3 33,000 8,725,000 7 53s 5 36,850 11d 1,945 8